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טבעות יהלומים מחירים

איך לבחור טבעת אירוסין

How to sell old gold

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they decide that they are ready to sell their gold or jewelry, but how do you go about it? It is important that you act smartly when you’re thinking about selling gold to ensure that you get the best price.

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Diamond Certification

The diamond industry deals with a lot of money and diamonds changing hands every day, in locations throughout the world, but not everyone who is involved has the best intentions for their customers.

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מסמכים חשובים ברכישת תכשיטים

Diamond prices

In this guide you can get all the necessary knowledge to which software should be recognized diamond and how they affect the price of a diamond, what are the different cutting shapes, choose a diamond's true. What types of documents are the most reliable, how to care for diamond jewelry and more.

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מדריך למכירת זהב ויהלומים

How to sell diamonds

If you’re looking for the smartest way to sell a diamond to a pro, then you need to keep reading!
Once you have made up your mind to sell diamonds, there are a variety of different steps which you will need to take. If you follow these steps, you are much more likely to achieve the price which you are looking for.

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