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Our Story We started our way in the wholesale diamond industry in 2002. Five years ago, we realised we are missing more "human contact" and decided we want to work with "regular" people. We enjoy learning from and teaching our customers new things and give them a real sense of trust with us.


Our Vision

We have no doubt that the biggest issue in buying jewelry is the lack of transparency in this market. Many people find that they paid huge amounts of money for a very low value of rough materials. Other (worse) times they don’t get at all what they paid for. This happens since there is still huge and sometimes purposeful lack of information in this market. We are choosing a way of full information and transparency with the people that put their faith and money with us.
Our main vision is that each and every one of our customers will be truly happy with their purchase and know they made the right choice in trusting us.

This is what we offer

  • ReliabilityReliability
    We are members of the Israel diamond exchange and we sit in one of the safest environments in the country. The real security, though, is with purchasing our products with the full knowledge package we provide.
  • ProfessionalismProfessionalism
    There is no professional or technical question we won't answer truthfully. We provide all the documents the law and decency demands. We work with the leading gemological labs in the world.
  • Impeccable serviceImpeccable service
    nothing is perfect (well some diamonds are…) but we strive for perfection in the service department. If you are not happy, take your money back and we will part as friends.
  • Law price but high qualityLow price but high quality
    You can be cheap about making diamond jewelry or you can be responsible. We do all that can be done to make sure that our jewelry will be long lasting. We use the best goldsmiths, best setters, best castings and more.
  • I came a long way from the north to sell old jewelry my wife inhereted. In large quantity for us.You gave a very fair offer and I felt safe in your office. Good for you!!

    Amnon, Haifa
  • Gilad showed me about 20 diamonds and explained everything about them, he taught me to look at them with a magnifying tool and really helped me in a field I knew nothing about. Thank you.

    Ofer, Givatayim
  • We sat with Tal for 2 hours in order to specialy design our perfect silver wedding ring. It is perfect!

    Yaniv & Galit, Jerusalem
  • I got exactly what I was promised and I didn't need to take out a loan…

    Yael, Pardes Hanna

Our services

  • Our JewelryOur Jewelry
    We offer a wide veriaty of diamond and gemstone jewelry in different styles. The quality of the crastmenship and metirials is exeptionaly high. we also provide fashion jewelry in high quality and expensive look and feel.
  • We Buy Old Diamond JewelryWe Buy Old Diamond Jewelry
    We offer you an option to sell your old diamond jewelry and get a FAIR high price for them.
  • Custom DesignCustom Design
    With a minor charge to the regular price of a jewelry and with the help of our experts, your dream will become a reality. We use the benefits of modern technology to create the most exact answer to any demand.
  • Diamond AppraisalDiamond Appraisal
    If you have diamonds and jewelry that are in need of insurance appraisal or value estimation - contact us. The appraisal process is free and you only pay if you want documentation for it.

Terms & Conditions

  • Full refund within 14 days

    We at Dianoche take pride in the quality of our Jewelry. If you will not feel the same, we will welcome you to return the jewelry and be fully refunded. this is a safe purchase.

  • Secure purchase

    Our buying process is secured with the highest protocols.

  • Jewelry appraisalThis is a document that specifies all of the jewelry info - diamonds, gemstones and gold. It also gives an insurance appraisal . Please use it!
  • 30 days to exchange

    You can exchange your product and be refunded for the difference or add to it if necessary. This service is free of charge beside rare occasions that we took a special request in advance like resizing, altering a diamond ex.

  • Gemological certification


  • Easy and varied payment options

    You dont need to belong to the fortune 500 to buy a diamond. We offer easy and varied payment options.