Our Terms and Conditions


These are the definitions for the terms on the website:


● The Website: www.dianoche.co.il in its desktop version and any responsive version of it (compatibility with cellphones and tablets).

● The Company: Dianoche Ltd. (Business Number 515375616)

● The Jewelry: the entire collection of the jewelry presented in the website for selling purposes.

● Order date: the date in which the order was confirmed by the credit card company.

● Delivery time: the estimated time it takes for the product to arrive at the customer’s doorstep and it includes the manufacturing/packaging time and the shipping time. Due to the fact that the shipping relies upon a third party, the delivery time is always an estimation.

● Business days are Sundays to Thursdays not including holiday eves and holidays.

● Shipping address – the address supplied by the user who ordered.

● Prices – the current prices of the jewelry including VAT.

● In any case where the shipping is free, it will be explicitly specified.

● PayPal is the company of PayPal.

● The credit card company – all of the credit card companies in the State of Israel.


It’s Important to Know


● The best way to contact us is via E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

● The website includes an online sale along with a virtual showroom. The products containing diamonds in the website will be sold face to face or by a phone call exclusively after confirming the details of the buyer. The rest of the products in the website – all of the products appearing in the fashion jewelry catalog – will be sold exclusively online.

● These terms and conditions resolve and define the entirety of the deal terms and we assume that every purchase in the website is made after fully reading our terms and conditions and agreeing to all of its terms with no restrictions or lack of agreement. This is the reason why it is written in an understandable and simple manner, without too many legal terms. Please read it. The terms and conditions may change from time to time and it is the responsibility of the customer to read it before every purchase.

● The sale in the website is based upon pictures. We go to great lengths to produce pictures as realistic as possible but naturally, there may be some differences in reality due to resolution changes of screens and so on. In any case where the product you received does not meet your expectations, you could return it to us without concern. More on that later on.

● The sale in the website is based on available stock and is well-calculated, but there may be cases where we cannot deliver the product in the estimated time due to a mistake in the registration of the stock, two orders done simultaneously, finding a faulty product and so on. There may be cases where we cannot deliver the product at all. We will do our best to reach an agreement with our dear customers in any such case but we do not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that occurred due to our mistake with the stock.

● The information in the website is genuine, accurate and true and we try to give as many details as possible regarding our products. There may be, however, mistakes and errors derived of human errors or lack of knowledge. We apologize in advance and in any such case we will accept the product that was returned but beyond that we will not bear any legal responsibility.

● All of the prices in the website may change without any notice in advance (whether upwards or downwards). The price that will be paid for in any deal will be the price listed in the website during the time of order confirmation by the credit card company.

● In any case where you agreed to join a mailing list and then regretted that decision, it is your responsibility to inform us of your removal from the lists. There may be some lists in different topics (sales, a new collection, an update of details and so on). You must inform us regarding each one separately.

● in any case where you started an order process and did not finish it for any reason, we reserve the right to mail you a reminder to complete the process.

● Any client can sign up to the website only once.

● Every client is eligible to generic bonuses only once (for example: a birthday bonus and so on).

● Every sale has its own conditions. Please make sure to read them.

● Multiple discounts are unavailable unless specified otherwise.


Registration and Use in the Website


● You cannot order from the website without filling in the required details in the relevant fields.

● In any case where the shipping details are incorrect and as a result it leads to incorrect shipping, we will charge the buyer for shipping and maintenance expenses.

● Your details will never be given to a third party.

● an order confirmed by the credit card company is considered an order that was carried out. An unconfirmed order will be cancelled.

● The details that the customer has filled in the website during the order is absolute evidence for the willingness of the method.

● If, as stated above, the product is eventually not in stock, the customer will receive a refund of 100% of the sum.

● We reserve the right not to confirm an order for any reason without giving any explanation. Different reasons could be things such as – disagreement in regards to the website’s policy, filling out incorrect details intentionally, a warning from the credit card company and so forth.

● When paying via PayPal – the delivery of the product will only be carried out once PayPal has given a confirmation. It is important to mention that in this case, the terms of use of PayPal and privacy policy of PayPal are the ones that apply.

Cancellation of a Deal and Return Policy for Products Purchased Online

● The person who ordered may cancel the order. The credit will be returned to the same card with which the deal has been made. The credit will return according to the credit card company’s schedule and we have no control over it except seeing that the request was received. In most cases it takes a few weeks.

● The order can be cancelled up to two calendric weeks from the day the order was received.

● In any case where the order was cancelled before shipping – the entire sum of the money will be refunded.

● In any case where the order was cancelled after shipping – the money will be refunded minus the shipping and maintenance fees.

● In any case where the order was cancelled due to a faulty product and when receiving the product back at the company it seems that it is indeed faulty, the entire sum of the money will be refunded.

● We reserve the full right to determine whether a product is faulty or not. If it arrived faulty or not and so on.

● The refund of the money will be carried out after the product has been returned.

● The warranty and fees regarding the return of the product are the clients’ to pay.

● We recommend to use, at the very least, a registered mail.

● In any case where a product was returned for reasons that are unrelated to flaws in the product, it must be completely new with labels, a package and without use. If this is not the case – we cannot refund the money.

● It is obvious that there would not be a refund for products given without cost.

● It is obvious that the money refunded will be the money paid for the product.

● If the product was paid with a Direct credit card, you could not receive cash credit due to the credit card company’s limitations. In this case you will receive credit for purchasing in the website.


Exchanging a Product


● We give you 30 days for exchanging the product. In any case where you choose a more expensive product, you will pay the remaining sum. In any case where you choose a cheaper product, you will be credited the difference.

● An exchange of a product is free except “lost” costs such as mail shipping, shipping insurance and so on.

● Products that are not completely intact and completely new will not be exchanged.


Product Shipping


● The products will be shipped by third party shipping services providers.

● These companies guarantee certain delivery times but we cannot take responsibility for it. The estimated delivery time will be specified in the order.

● In distant villages that have no courier service available, the order will be sent with registered mail.

● The shipping is limited within the borders of the State of Israel and according to the maximal abilities of the Israeli Postal Company.

● In any case where you are interested in international shipping, you are to contact us in advance to learn about the fees.

● In any case where there are shipping fees, it will be specified during the order and will be charged as part of the order.


Responsibilities of the Company


● The company or any on its behalf are not responsible in the past, present or future for any indirect, direct, consequential or unique damage caused to the customer or the user in a website as a result of purchasing or browsing a website that does not operate according to these terms and conditions – in any cause of action that may be.

● Any mistake in the description of the products and in their essence were done in good faith and will not obligate the company.

● The pictures in the website are for illustration purposes only.

● The Company does not bear any responsibility beyond the value of its products’ costs.

● The Company does not bear responsibility for use that is not in accordance to the recommendations of use specified later on (for example – using jewelry while cleaning with acute cleaning agents).

● The Company is not responsible for any delay in product shipping for events that are not controllable by it such as strikes, natural disasters, computer errors and so on.

● In any complaint or doubt regarding the quality of the product and the satisfaction about it, please contact us to reach an agreement.


Copyrights in the Website


● All of the intellectual property rights of the company and/or of the website belong exclusively to the company. Amongst it but not limited to are – copyrights, designs, commercial secrets and so on.

● It is strictly forbidden to: copy, distribute, sell, duplicate, translate and market any information within the website whether it be pictures, videos, texts, files, graphics, icons, logo, product designs and so on.

● Any commercial use in the contents of the website or presenting them in any platform will be done only after receiving an agreement in writing from the company.

● The domain name and the company name – דיאנוצ'ה בע"מ, דיאנוצ'ה, DIANOCHE LTD, DIANOCHE belong to the company and they are not to be used without receiving a confirmation in writing from the company.

● It is forbidden to use any computerized scanning application on the website, whose purpose is to search, scan, copy and retrieve contents from within the website. It includes but not limited to Robots, Crawlers and so on.

● It is forbidden to display contents from the website in any hidden or open framework.


Privacy Policy, Mailing and Databases


● Every person who registers to the website and/or carries out an occasional order will give private details required for its completion.

The registration of any person to the website confirms that he is aware that nothing obligates him or her to give private details and that he does it in free will. While doing so he agrees to the use of his or her details according to their details.

● The Company guarantees to not distribute these details except for:

1. Court order or by law.

2. Any case where it receives a warning for legal proceedings acted against it by the user who registered to the website or in any dispute between the parties requiring written proofs.

3. Any case where a suspicion arises in the company that the user who registered has the intention of committing fraud or has malice intentions towards it or towards any third party (for example – copying products).

4. Any case where a suspicion arises that the user who registered is planning an illegal action (such as suspicion of using a stolen credit card).

5. Any case where a suspicion arises that the user who registered has breached or has the intention of breaching the terms and conditions of the website.

6. Any case where the company merges with another, sold to another party and so forth, it is allowed to give the details of the user only if the new entity accepts these privacy conditions.

7. Any case where the details of the customer are given to any marketing company working on its behalf operating the marketing and advertisement array of the company and for purposes of promoting sales.

In any of these cases, the registered users will have no demand or claim against the company regarding giving out their private details and they withdraw any sort of legal demands regarding the subject.

● Sending the registration application to the website is practically an agreement that your details and anything that is revealed by analyzing them will be kept in the databases of the company or by authorized persons on its behalf and these details can be used for marketing purposes, selling purposes, purposes of promoting sales, advertising purposes and more with any of the mailing and contact means it holds.

● The Company reserves the right to use data for the purposes of statistical analysis and conducting surveys.

● The Company is allowed to use them to investigate any complaint or criticism.

● the website uses Cookies or will use Cookies in the future. This can change at any given time. Using them will not be considered as infringement of privacy. Any person is allowed to block use of cookies in his or her browser. Blocking cookies may prevent him or her from performing certain actions in the website.

Using the details of the registered user, as mentioned above, will not be considered as infringement of privacy. It is also agreed that information as mentioned above will be considered as intellectual property of the company and the registered user hereby withdraws any claim for using and/or ownership in the aforementioned information, including withdrawing any claim by the Protection of Privacy Law 5741-1981. The company will not be considered as an entity that breached an obligation of privacy or infringed the privacy of a user for any information, as it is defined in the Computers Law 5755-1995, that will have enough to identify a user or track him or her by another, which derives from the use of electronic communication means generally and computers communication specifically.

● It is possible to remove your details from the database of the company by addressing us in any available communication channel.


Maintaining Confidentiality


● The Company does not collect and store credit card numbers in its computers, registrations or registries.

● The Company uses very high security protocols in order to protect and keep the details of its users and the confidentiality of their information safe and private. We use the payment services of ICREDIT designed by Rivhit. They use very high security protocols in the PCI DSS protocol and in the newest versions.

This protocol is a design created by the five largest credit card companies in the world and its purpose is to protect data of credit cards in the entire process they go through – storing, transferring or processing. This is a strict protocol demanding the same high security and control levels from the companies supplying it, fitting to implementation in any company dealing with the details of credit cards.

● The website is secured with the SSL Protocol. It means the entire “dialogue” and communication between your browser and our website is secured and encrypted and it is impossible to decipher it. The meaning of encryption is mixing the transferred data so that a third party cannot decipher it.

● Despite using high security protocols and the use of high quality defense barriers, the company does not bear responsibility for any sort of damage caused to the customer or any on his or her behalf if information given to us will be lost or reach a hostile or non-hostile third party that is not related to the communication between the parties. Whether it is used or not.

● The Company goes to great lengths to give its customers the most organized and highest quality of service. The company, however, cannot guarantee that the service will be given in a foolproof manner without any errors or mistakes whether it be human errors or errors of a higher degree. In addition we cannot guarantee that the computers of the website will not be hacked, broken down or fail for any reason.

● The company does not bear any responsibility for damage caused from sending messages to customers from the website, its employees or the other users in it that may cause any sort of damage or loss, emotional distress and so on. Or in other words – if criminals and cowards take over the website and send spam and viruses from within it, we cannot take any responsibility for it but we will act quickly and fiercely to get rid of the culprits.


Sales and Bonuses


Terms and conditions of sales and bonuses will be updated here in any case where they deviate from the terms and conditions above.