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Diamond Rings

Diamond rings

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Eternity Diamond Rings

טבעת יהלומים מעוצבת משלימה
A Complimenting Designed Diamonds Ring

A diamond ring that compliments a twist-style engagement ring.

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טבעת יהלומים קטנים
Small Diamonds Ring

This is a delicate and classic ring, inset with five diamonds with a

טבעת יהלומים דקה בזהב לבן
Thin Diamond ring of White Gold

A white-gold ring, set with dozens of small diamonds.

טבעת יהלומים משלימה
Completing Diamonds Ring

Thin ring set with three rows of small diamonds.

 טבעת יהלומים קטנים מזהב אדום
Rose gold Diamond Ring

This rose-gold ring is set with 7 small diamonds, at a total weight

טבעת משובצת יהלומים קטנים
Ring studded with small diamonds

This ring is set with small diamonds along half its diameter. These

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