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טבעות יהלומים מחירים

Yes, Black diamonds are real! In the following article, we will tell you everything you need to know about black diamonds!

Black diamonds aren’t just a myth, they are very real, and their actual name is Carbonado. They occur in nature, and they are the same as other diamonds, just black.

  • Black diamonds are mainly found in Central africa and Brazil. 
  • Most of the black diamonds in the diamond industry are enhanced or treated.
  • Normaly black diamonds are much cheaper then white ones.
  • Black diamonds are "younger" then white ones in a few hundred million years.

Black diamonds are the same strength as a regular diamond, and they’re also made from carbon, just like regular diamonds are. It is during the formation process that something different occurs. It is this detail that has created an almost mystical or myth like aura behind black diamonds.


Black diamonds are known to come from both Central Africa and Brazil but are considered much younger (If you are talking about billions of years…) than regular white diamonds. There are quite a few other differences which we will explain throughout the article.


Due to the fact that black diamonds are much younger than other diamonds, most of the natural black diamonds discovered to date have only been about the size of a pea. Black diamonds have a much different surface compared to a white diamond. A white diamond has a smooth surface; a black diamond has many scratches and grooves which are full of Sulphur. It is because of these grooves and the Sulphur; that black diamonds are much harder to cut. Black diamonds may be rarer than white diamonds, but their value is no higher.


One of the biggest differences between white diamonds and black diamonds is the way that they reflect light. A white diamond reflects the light, making it sparkle and shine, while a black diamond absorbs the light. Because of this, the value of black diamonds is calculated via their weight, and also their color quality. When you are valuing a black diamond, you’re looking for a deeper black color and a uniformity of color in the diamond.


Black Diamonds – Where are they from?


One of the most interesting and unique things about black diamonds are the stories and myths surrounding where they come from.

The most common theory is that black diamonds are formed in much the same way that a regular white diamond is formed – deep inside the earth under very high temperatures and pressure. Another theory is that a meteor strike changed something in the substances of the ground where it was struck, and because of this, black diamonds were formed.


However, there is another slightly farfetched theory! There is a geologist by the name of Stephen Haggerty, an ordinary professor at the University of Florida, who claims that the origin of black diamonds is material from outer space that fell to earth, in the areas of Brazil and Central Africa. These pieces of foreign material are what is made the black diamonds, not pressure and high temperature.


Black Diamonds and Folk Tales


Throughout history, black diamonds were surrounded by a variety of different mysteries and beliefs. Their somber black or dark gray color most likely contributed to this. People from India believed that black diamonds were cursed and symbolized death because they resemble the eye of a snake or spider. Meanwhile, in Italy, people believed that a black diamond could bring harmony to a marriage. They also believed that if a couple was fighting, they could touch the black diamond and then all of their troubles would simply be absorbed into the diamond.


There is another famous superstition which is connected to one of the largest black diamonds in the world, the Karloff Noir. There are those who believe that if a person touches this black diamond, then they will be blessed with wealth, happiness and good luck!


Despite all the superstitions surrounding black diamonds, either good or bad, black diamonds have been used in jewelry for centuries. The first historical reference to black diamonds being used in jewelry dates well back to the Middle Ages. Starting from this period, traditionally, black diamonds were used for men's jewelry, specifically for men's rings. Today there is a growing trend of using black diamonds in women's jewelry even though black diamonds are still considered to be more appropriate for men's jewelry.