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טבעות יהלומים מחירים

For us our reputation is everything, as a veteran company that has been trading in the diamond industry for many years, we only deal with the most reputable companies.

However, for the average person, dealing with diamonds can be an extremely daunting experience. That’s why we have prepared this detailed article to help you understand everything which you need to know about diamond grading and trading. 



The diamond industry deals with a lot of money and diamonds changing hands every day, in locations throughout the world, but not everyone who is involved has the best intentions for their customers. There are people scattered around the diamond industry, only a small percentage, but they look at people with no knowledge of diamonds to take advantage of that naivety, that’s why it is important to learn as much as you can about diamonds, and your diamond before you decide to trade or sell it. 

  • Its Important to buy diamonds with certification.
  • Its even more important to make sure it is a decent certificate.
  • The most reputable gemological lab is GIA.
  • The other 2 regonal options are IGI and HRD.

There are some different ways that people will look to take advantage of clients when they are either buying or selling diamonds. Some of the different ways that they may do this are:

  • The weight of the diamond can be exaggerated, either up or down
  • The color of the diamond can be exaggerated to better grades or worse
  • The cut of the diamond may be misleading
  • Inclusions in the diamond could be covered up, or lied about and much more similar

By having your diamond graded professionally, you can take many of the risks out of either buying or selling any diamonds. So what is the solution? There is really one solution to prevent you losing money, getting a professional diamond appraisal and the issuing of a gemological certificate. A gemological certificate is what determines the actual characteristics of the diamond, making it possible to evaluate the diamond properly regarding its value and quality. Buying a diamond without evaluating and certifying it is like buying a house without having it appraised first, there is nothing to protect you should the house fall down.


What is a Gemological Certificate?


The value of any diamond is determined by two main factors. The first is the demands of the diamond market, which is constantly changing. There is no easy way to determine this value as it is based on supply and demand of diamonds around the world, as well as the supply and demand of certain colors, shapes, and cuts of diamonds around the world. No individual can affect this price; it is determined by the diamond market around the world. The second factor which can affect the price of diamonds is much more stable and is based on scientific standards which have been established for many years. This factor can be measured extremely accurately, and is done through diamond grading and the issuing of a gemological certificate.


A gemological certificate is a certificate that is issued by objective laboratory experts. It is considered something like an identification certificate for the diamond. Gemological experts determine, with the help of advanced equipment, the different characteristics of the diamond, mainly – shape, measurements, weight (in karats), clarity, color, the quality of the cut and diagrams of its interior and exterior inclusions or blemishes.


As we have already discussed above, determine the different characteristics of a diamond is done following a system of extremely strict, and scientific rules. This isn’t to say, however, that someone with lower standards, couldn’t lie about the results they determine. That’s why it is very important that the person or company you choose to examine your diamond is an honest, reliable company or person with a good reputation within the diamond industry. There are basically only two types of diamond laboratories.


The first type is more interested in making money off of their clients, not about looking after their interests. You wouldn’t have your diamond examined by someone at a local market, so this type of laboratory should be avoided at all costs.


The second type of laboratory are the veteran diamond grading labs which have been in business for many years and work under rigorous standards. They have built up a good reputation throughout the diamond world and are loyal to their clients, ensuring that the report which they get is 100% honest and accurate.


Here at DiaNoche, we wouldn’t be seen dead working with any diamond laboratories who work in the first category. We only deal with the honest, reliable, accurate and professional diamond grading laboratories from the second category. We ensure that any laboratory which we choose to work with has the international certification, such as GIA, and IGI, and the certified laboratories that mean we will get accurate, and honest results. Every piece of jewelry that a client purchases through us is issued with a first class gemological certificate that was issued after being examined by the best laboratories in the business.


Why is it Worthwhile to Issue a Gemological Certificate for an Already Existing Piece of Diamond Jewelry?


All around the world people are receiving diamonds, inheriting them as jewelry, loose stones, or buying them as gifts. Often, the design of the jewelry isn’t the latest fashion, or doesn’t suit the new owner, so it ends up sitting somewhere gathering dust. That doesn’t mean that it’s worthless! Within that piece of jewelry is often a diamond or diamonds which could be worth a lot of money.


There are two main reasons why you should have your diamond officially graded by a gemological laboratory:


  • The first is for insurance reasons. You never know how much that small or large diamond could be worth. Jewelry is the easiest item in your home to either lose or have stolen. Ensuring that you have an accurate value will help in case you lose it, and need to make an insurance claim on it.

  • The second is if you ever want to sell your diamond or jewelry. If you’re not in the diamond industry, it is much easier for someone to take advantage of you if you ever decide to sell your diamond or jewelry. If you already have a gemological certificate, you will have a much better chance of getting the correct price if you ever decide to sell. The future buyer will be much more reassured if you already have a gemological certificate which has the information about the value of the diamond.

If you have ever been given a diamond or diamond jewelry, and you’re wondering what it’s worth, then don’t hesitate to contact us! We can help you obtain a basic diamond evaluation, and if you like, we can also help put you in touch with a certified lab to get your diamond examined professionally. Best of all, we can help you turn that old, ugly piece of jewelry into a modern and exciting piece that looks and feels fantastic!

These are some of the services which we offer our clients in the area of diamond evaluation:

  • Basic diamond grading in our offices – for free!
  • Diamond grading by a certified professional.
  • Diamond grading by a certified gemological laboratory.
  • Diamond grading for the purpose of buying and selling.
  • Diamond grading for insurance purposes.
  • Purchasing diamonds from private clients after grading the diamonds in our offices. We offer very fair prices.