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טבעות יהלומים מחירים

There are four criteria which determine the overall quality of a diamond, cut, color, karat, and weight. The cut of a diamond is also sometimes referred to as the polish of the diamond.

andis an important factor in determining the overall value of any diamond.

We believe that the cut of a diamond is the most important variable in any stone; it is also the hardest to understand and execute since its determined by human labor. Only experts in the diamond industry have the skills needed to cut a diamond successfully. 

  • Diamond cut is not important its SUPER important. 
  • A well cut diamond will have much more life to it.
  • Diamond cut in round diamonds is divided by 3 categories: Cut, Polish and Symmetry.
  • Diamond cut it other shapes is divided to Polish and Symmetry.


The skill of the expert can go a long way in determining the overall value of a diamond, a small stone cut by an expert perfectly is worth as much, if not more than a large diamond which has been cut poorly. Some studies have shown that as much as 97.5% of a diamond’s shine and sparkle comes from the cut. We choose only diamonds which have a professional cut, that looks brilliant, giving our diamonds a high level of sparkle and shine.


We have been in the diamond industry for many generations, and take our work very seriously, diamond cutting and polishing most of all! Most women dream of getting married one day, and having the perfect diamond ring to go along with it, that’s why we pay close attention to all the diamonds we buy, choosing only the diamonds with professional cuts and polishing that ensures a high level of beauty, shine, and sparkle.


What is a Quality Diamond Cut?


In the following article, we are going to talk about the different methods that have been developed around the world by different people and companies. Many of the different methods discovered to cut diamonds have forever changed the way that we look at diamonds.

To start with we will clarify that no matter what shape diamond is, to begin with, it is possible to polish it into a variety of different shapes by using a variety of different methods. Diamond cutters have established, through knowledge gained over many years, the best methods for polishing diamonds into shapes to get the most out of a diamond. Scientists have also determined the most accurate criteria to define how a diamond must be cut for it to fit into a particular category.


The following are three different types of diamond cuts:


  • Excellent Cut - This cut grade is given to diamonds with a very high-quality polish or cut, where the diamond stands in a very specific range in regards to proportions, symmetry, and polish. Only the highest quality diamonds prevail in all of the three criterions of an Excellent Cut grade. So far, over 80% of diamonds with an Excellent Cut grade, were cut and polished in Belgium.

  • Ideal Cut – This is a cut that was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky at the beginning of the last century. Today this cut is one of the most accepted cuts for round diamonds in the diamond market. This is because this type of cut exposes the inner light of the diamond in a very attractive way, giving the diamond with this cut grade a particularly high sparkle.

  • Premium Cut – This is very similar to the Ideal Cut, but with a slightly different proportion. This style of cut still gives the diamond a great sparkle and shine, and it’s hard to tell the difference between Ideal-Cut, and Premium-Cut diamonds on smaller stones. This style is perfect for small stones, or customers on a budget.

Another style of polishing which branched off the Ideal Cut was the Hearts & Arrows style. This is the much newer style of cut and was developed by a Japanese scientist in the 1980s. It starts off with the diamond being polished to Ideal Cut proportions, except the polishing is done in an optical way. This gives the finished polish or cuts a symmetrical pattern, which looks just like hearts and arrows.


Before you decide to purchase a diamond, it is important that we go over a few key facts with you. In most cases we aren’t going to buy a loose stone, we will buy a diamond ring, engagement ring, or diamond earrings for example. Often we start looking based off of the size of the diamond, but this is only a myth and has no real impact on the value of the diamond. The size is important, but the sparkle and shine of the diamond are also important, you want your finished piece of jewelry to sparkle and look brilliant, not just dull and plain. A smaller diamond with more sparkle may be a better choice than a large dull stone, especially at a wedding or engagement ring.


When you go looking for a diamond next time, ensure that you don’t get misled into looking at a large diamond. We always look for diamonds that have a brilliant sparkle and shine, preferring these over larger stones. Good luck choosing your next diamond, and remember, focus on the cut of the diamond, not the size!