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Diamonds, like people, come in a large variety of different shapes and sizes. Learning how to tell the difference will enable you to be better equipped when buying or selling diamonds.

  • The most popular diamond shape is Round brilliant. 
  • Other diamond shapes are cheaper then the round brilliant cut.
  • When choosing a diamond shape its importent to see different models of the same cut.
  • The most popular shapes  today, other then round cut, are Cushion cut, Oval cut and Princess cut.



There is a lot of different ways that you can cut diamonds and form them into different shapes, often, this is normally based on the size of the diamond. The way that it’s shaped can also be judged by the roughness of the diamond, and what the internal inclusions may be. The main goal when shaping a diamond is to achieve the perfect shape, without losing too much of the total size of the diamond. Another aspect when shaping a diamond is the result you are looking for, what is fashionable at the time and what looks visually appealing.


Once the shape of the diamond has been chosen, it is then polished and generally fitted into a piece of jewelry best suited to display it. This could be something like a necklace, wedding or engagement ring, or any other piece of jewelry. Once this is accomplished the jewelry is ready to be put for sale, or delivered to the final customer. Overall, the diamond a consumer chooses is based on their personal attraction to it, their budget, and the current fashion trends.


To help you make your next diamond purchase easier, we are going to discuss some of the different shapes and sizes. We will cover what the different shapes are, why you would purchase the different shapes and what shapes are suitable for the different pieces of jewelry.


Round Cut Diamonds


The most common of all diamond shapes is the round diamond, it’s also one of the most popular choices when it comes to jewelry. The
reason for this is simple; a round cut diamond is the most sparkly of all diamond cuts. A round cut diamond will have the strongest fire and sparkle, making it perfect for wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond earrings and necklaces, and also diamond rings. If you want your diamond to stand out, then a round cut diamond is perfect for you!


Princess Cut Diamonds 


The next most popular cut of a diamond is undoubtedly the princess cut diamond. Out of the different square cut diamonds, the princess cut is the crowd favorite! Discovered in the 1980s, Princess cut has become a favorite due to the sparkle and fire that it gives off. The princess cut is an innovative style of cutting which is also particularly useful to hide internal inclusions and also creates an optical illusion. A princess cut diamond is generally worth much more than it should be, due to the effect of the cut on the stone. For wedding and engagement rings, the princess cut is currently one of the world’s bestselling diamonds.


Cushion Cut Diamonds


Recently, the cushion cut diamond has become one of the most fashionable diamond cut choices, and it is also in the square cut diamonds. The cushion cut diamond combines the elegance of both rectangular and square cuts with the sparkle and fire of the round cut, resulting in an extremely beautiful diamond. If you love to follow fashion trends and stay up to date, then the cushion cut diamond is perfect! Diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond rings, and more.


Heart Shape Diamonds


If romance is what you’re searching for, then the heart shaped diamond is where it’s at! The heart shape diamond cut is most commonly used for romantic gifts, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and any other relationship based gifts. The interesting thing about heart shape cut diamonds is that they didn’t originate because of any romantic ideas at all. They were originally designed by diamond cutters to minimize waste from removing inclusions and flaws in the diamond.


Pear Shape Diamonds

 pear shape diamond

A pear shape cut diamond can also be referred to as a teardrop, because of its teardrop shape. Due to its natural shape, it is an ideal diamond for earrings and gives you that ballroom or cocktail party look and feel. Many people say that because of its teardrop shape, the pear shape cut diamond gives off a unique and beautiful light and radiance. Apart from pear shaped diamonds being used in diamond earrings, they are also great for diamond necklaces, diamond chokers, diamond pendants, just to name a few. They can also be used to make a unique diamond ring.


Triangle Shaped Diamonds

 triangle diamond

If you ask any diamond dealer or diamond expert, triangle cut diamonds are considered to be one of the unique of all diamond cuts. Just like the name suggests, triangle shaped diamonds have a unique and stylish triangle shape. You could use a triangle shaped diamond in any piece of jewelry, but they are most commonly used as earrings, or on rare occasions in a diamond engagement ring. If you want your jewelry to be different than anyone else’s, this is your best choice of cut.


Emerald Cut Diamonds

 emerald cut diamond

If you are looking for a classic, and classy cut diamond, then the emerald cut diamond is the way to go. The emerald cut is reminiscent of the aristocracy or blue-blooded nobility of years gone by. They aren’t the most popular cut of diamond today, and you generally won’t see them available in large quantities, but for a classic, refined woman this could be a perfect choice. Most people would set an emerald cut diamond alongside other diamonds in a jewelry setting such as a bracelet, necklace or ring.


Asscher Cut Diamonds

 Asscher cut diamonds

An Asscher cut diamond is a slightly different version of the emerald cut diamond which we have already spoken about. The main difference between the Asscher and the emerald cut diamond is that the Asscher is less rectangular than the emerald cut. Over the last few years, the Asscher has made a small comeback in the popularity of diamond cuts, making it an ideal choice for a classic look and feel piece of jewelry.


Marquise Cut Diamonds

 marquise cut diamond

If you like your jewelry classic, and with a dash of history, then the marquise cut diamond is the most popular choice. The marquise cut diamond has a very unconventional and alluring shape, making it a fantastic choice for jewelry where other diamonds are set alongside it. The marquise diamond cut does require special attention; it requires a professional diamond expert with a lot of experience and skill to clean and polish it because of its unique shape.


Radiant Cut Diamonds

 יהלום רדיאנט מאורך

A newcomer to the diamond cut and shape, the radiant cut diamond has only been in existence for approximately thirty years. This shape was initially invented to help enhance the natural radiance of the diamond, hence its name the radiant cut diamond. To achieve a radiant cut diamond, you need to combine the classy square cut diamond technique with some of the more sparkly styles of diamond cuts. A radiant cut diamond can work as a central piece to any piece of jewelry or as an accompanying piece to highlight the other diamonds.


Oval Cut Diamonds

 emerald cut diamond

Fifty years ago, diamond sales began to drop off around the world. The oval cut diamond was invented to help lead a boost in diamond sales, providing a different cut diamond than what was already widely available. The great thing about the oval cut is that it’s different enough to be unique, yet similar enough to be used alongside round cut diamonds in a piece of jewelry.

  • Model Its very important to see different diamonds of the same shape  
  • Table Try to choose a diamond that is well spread and that has a large table  
  • Light make sure that the Diamond has life and containes a sparkle