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If you’re looking for the smartest way to sell a diamond to a pro, then you need to keep reading!


Once you have made up your mind to sell diamonds, there are a variety of different steps which you will need to take. If you follow these steps, you are much more likely to achieve the price which you are looking for.

  • You will get a better price if you have the diamond's gemological certificate. 
  • If you don't have one and your diamond is relativly big and of high quality - try to send it to a reputable lab.
  • Don't send the diamond under pressure and get a few offers.


The first step is to locate the diamond’s Gemological Certificate. If this certificate is from a reputable firm, the more prestigious it will be, and you’ll be able to get a much better price for it. One of the best certificates to own is a Gia Certificate; this certificate is considered to be one of the most reliable, and well-known GEM LAB in the world.


If there is no certificate available, you’re going to have to rely on some good old-fashioned salesmanship. You need to locate someone that’s interested in purchasing the diamond: they will then tell you what the properties of your diamond are. The only problem with this situation is that they could tell you that your diamond is only worth a fraction of its true value. If you have a larger stone, then it is definitely worth the investment to obtain your own Gemological Certificate. If you choose not to do this, then ensure that you sell your diamond through a trusted and reliable institution.


If you are set on selling your diamond, then it is vital that you choose the right establishment. The first thing to do is shop around, get an estimate from a variety of different places. When you receive the estimate, ask them to break it down and explain it to you in detail. You want to know how they determined the price that they came up with, what are the properties of the diamond, its weight in carats, the color, its clarity and its cut. You will want them to either print these for you, or simply write them down yourself so that you won’t forget later, and there’ll be no confusion. Make sure that you’re present during the evaluation so that they can’t switch your stone, and then compare the estimates from different companies.


The safest of all places for you to sell any diamonds would be the diamond exchange. The main reason for this is that they already have the highest-security in place, no reason for additional security. The second reason is that you are dealing with companies that have a reputation to protect, they don’t want to do anything to risk damaging their professional reputation. They don’t want to risk their ability to work in the diamond exchange in the future, so they will do their best to ensure that all parties have a good experience.


When you walk into an establishment, and you feel that they are putting undue pressure on you to sell, at a specific price, that’s a major sign that you should walk away. They already know that your diamond is worth much more than they have valued it at, and if you walk away, you’ll get a better price elsewhere.


You need to understand that diamonds of different shapes and colors are going to be valued at different prices. Just because a diamond may be bigger, doesn’t mean that it is worth more than a slightly smaller stone. A good guide to remember that is that round diamonds are generally worth 10-20% more than diamonds of other shapes. When it comes to color, diamonds with strong and deep colors are much more expensive and worth more than plain diamonds.


The final thing to remember before you sell your diamond is that loose diamonds are worth more than stones which are placed into jewelry. The reasoning behind this is that buyers like to look at every aspect of their stone, they want to inspect it in great detail, and jewelry will

hinder that.


Hopefully, using the information in this guide, you’ll be able to get the best price for your diamond.


Good Luck!