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diamond rings

We buy
old diamond jewelry
We offer you an option to sell your old diamond jewelry and get a FAIR high price for them.
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Why should you sell to us

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    We pay high prices and rely on the official market rates of gold and diamonds.
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    The appraisal process and the business offer are free of charge and carry no commitment.
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    We operate within the secure diamond exchange - a very safe environment.
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    We pay even higher prices for jewelry set with diamonds.
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    We pay in cash according to the law requirements.
Golden tips

  • Compare, Compare, CompareWe all know that everybody claim that they are the best. In this case its so easy to learn who is best for you -just get a few offers. There can be big differences in the offers because of dishonesty but mainly because of different needs - If my main business is selling diamond I can probably pay more for them but less for marocan ethnic jewelry ex...
  • Face to face and not in your homeIt might sound strange but some people let complete strangers to their homes for this process. It must be clear that this is a bussiness that etraces all sort of people. Some of them shouldnt enter your home. also, dont give in to pressure. If you get an offer you dont like. walk away.
  • Be aware of the current gold rate The pure gold price is updated daily and you should know it. Just google "gold price" or go to an official bank site.
  • Try to sell it back If you are in the position that you need to sell a rather recently bought jewelry, we advise you to try to sell it back first. Its their model and collection and considering a good condition a renewal is easy. We believe that when you buy back your own jewelry you should pay a bit more then other situations.
  • You should sell diamonds in the diamond exchange.There is a big advantage in selling diamonds to people that know their real value. When people are not sure if the value they will 100% underpay.
  • Give the private sector a shot If you have time and patience try to sell to a "regular" person. If you will find him you will get more for sure. This is relevant to 1-2 pieces.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you buy any quantity of gold and diamonds?The answer is yes. We are able to purchase very large amounts of gold and diamonds. In cases of extreme amounts we will find a common solution.
  • Do I need to sign something when i sell to you.Its very important to understand that we will require your signature and personal info in order to buy from you. The law requires us to get a statement of ownership. Please be advised - we will not buy questionable goods.
  • What is the gold rate you use? The gold rate is common knowledge and you can check it anywhere. we use it in the base of our offer. Its important to know that we believe this is a wrong question to ask and the answer has no meaning. Any one can give you very high rates on the phone and then play his games on the field. Just make sure you get a few real offers to compare.
  • How can I receive my payment?We will pay in they way that you prefer - cash, cash check, money wire. We are also committed to the requirements of the local governments that caps the max amounts of cash deals from time to time.