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  • תליון מגן דוד זהב לבן עם יהלומים Star-of-David White Gold Diamonds Pendant
    A pendant with a Star-of-David shaped black diamond, surrounded by small diamonds.
  • טבעת אירוסין זהובה בעיצוב הילה עם הרבה יהלומים A small halo ring
    A small halo engagement ring that is perfect for someone who is looking for a nice presence but a low price.
  • טבעת אירוסין עד 2000 שקלים זהב צהוב Engagement Ring Under 1000
    A cute and delicate twist engagement ring for a limited budget.
  • סט 6 טבעות שונות בצבע כסף סט טבעות
    סט טבעות עשיר ויוקרתי המונה שש טבעות שונות בצבעים ומרקמים שונים.
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  • טבעת יהלום
    We sell diamonds
    but our quality knowledge is free
    We at Dianoche prefer our Customers to be well informed and to buy with the power of knowledge behind them.
  • טבעת אירוסין יהלום
    Reliability - here you will know
    exactly what you bought
    We hand pick the diamonds for our retail customers. Their prices are set according to the diamond price list and their real value.
  • טבעות יהלום מיוחדות
    We offer fair prices
    for quality goods
    The real challenge with diamond jewelry is not to buy the cheapest ones but to get the nice looking goods for the best price.
  • טבעת יהלום לגבר
    We do not compromise on the quality
    of our diamonds and jewelry
    Each piece of jewelry we create is made with top standards of craftsmanship and high quality materials.
  • טבעת יהלום מחיר
    You can change your mind!
    full refund for 14 days.
    You didn't like what you got? You found a better option? Feel free to exchange or return the product. You have another issue - contact us and all will be well.